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Social media management

Social Media is a foolproof way to create brand awareness and increase brand loyalty. While your website builds credibility, social media is a great way to connect with your customers personally and humanize your brand. With over 53% of the world population being active Social Media users, you have the most potential to gain traction and build an online presence that lasts.


Content creation

Creating consistent social media content that speaks to your audience helps build credibility and increases brand trust. Your audience’s perception of your brand is shaped by what they see on your social media. Every piece of content, visual and written, that you put out on your social media channels represents you as a company. 

As a social media marketing agency in the Ottawa area, BruceTech42 aims to help local businesses around the Ottawa Valley communicate better with their customer base through social media content that builds brand loyalty and converts. We function under one premise: everything we do should generate results and an ROI.


Management & posting

Consistency in posting and audience engagement are key parts of your social media marketing efforts. There are plenty of social media management platforms in the market that makes management and posting easy. 


Our team of expert social media specialists will leverage our years of experience and resources to effectively manage each channel you have while staying on top of current and future trends.


Paid & organic strategy

There is more to social media marketing than just posting content and responding to comments and messages. The goal of paid and organic social media strategies is to help your business build an Online Presence, drive traffic to your website, increase brand engagement and, therefore loyalty, and activation.


With social media and all other digital marketing strategies, you either do it right or not do it at all. If you run an ad on your Facebook page, but your page has bad reviews and poor content strategy, the ad can do more harm to your business than good. 


A great social media strategy takes advantage of both paid and organic strategies. Both are surefire ways to help grow your business and maximize ROI.

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